Castolin Eutectic invests in HVOF, Arc-spray and last-generation machinery for its Dubai services workshop

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Castolin Eutectic invested in HVOF booths, machining and arc-spray equipment to supplement the capabilities of its OilTec Services facility in the Dubai headquarters. The Castolin Services workshop in the Jebel Ali Free Zone is currently in process of being equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities:

  • CJK5 HVOF booths – 2 units (High Velocity Oxy Fuel Thermal Spray Coating)
    • Max component length of 9m, with robotically controlled gun.
  • Arc spray machine
  • Grinding machine, 4m between centres, with 800mm swing
  • Lathe, 3.8m between centers
  • Honing machine, up to 350mm internal diameter
  • Surface grinding
  • Lapping machine, for 1-6 light bands with surface finish of 1 Ra
  • Drilling machine
  • Milling machine

The laser coating process provides a wide range of benefits compared with conventional arc and PTA welding processes:

  • Heat input localised and short processing time.
  • Lowest dilution of 2 to 5% for maximum purity of the coating.
  • Distortions and HAZ smaller than any other welding processes. It can coat smaller and thinner pieces than conventional welding.
  • Metallurgical fused bonding resulting in high bond strength.
  • Very rapid coating solidification, producing very fine wear resistant microstructures.
  • Dense, hard and smooth surface finish coating for high coating quality.
  • Unlimited coating thickness for rebuilding, repair or rapid prototyping.
  • Precise coating thickness control and smooth surface for minimum postweld machining.

Castolin Eutectic Middle East FZE was established in 2012 with a purpose to create a services facility in the Jebel Ali Free Zone providing thermal spray solutions to our predominantly oil-sector customer base. The facility is being set up as a state-of-the-art thermal spray and repair shop, incorporating our own advanced technology for thermal spray and utilising our proprietary ceramic densification system to deliver enhanced component performance for our customer base. Our location in the Free zone allows us to provide excellent service in terms of lead times with a guaranteed quality of product resulting from our aerospace derived quality system.


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