OTW12: a breakthrough alloy for drill pipe hardbanding

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OTW-12 has been formulated to confer optimum hardbanding wear resistance in open hole drilling situations whilst retaining “casing friendly” properties. Some of its specific performance enhancing properties are:

  • Smooth weld deposit profile
  • Totally immune to cracking
  • Elimination of spalling risks
  • Improved fatigue strength
  • Multipass capabilities up to 15 mm
  • Easy rewelding over worn hardbanding

For “crack management”
under extreme conditions

OTW-12 is formulated to produce a unique microstructure with numerous, very fine, ultra-hard Titanium-cermet phases dispersed in a tough, tempered martensitic matrix. This ensures immunity to cracking and excellent all-round resistance to combined wear by gouging abrasion, erosion, heavy impact and pressure in down-hole, drilling service conditions. Relatively thick, wide hardbanding is practical in a single pass. Multi-pass overlays are also possible up to 15 mm thickness. Deposits resist stress relief cracking and spalling. Very low dilution with base metal. Minimal slag residues save weld cleaning time.

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