OTW-12Ti Technical Performance Data Sheet

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Bond Strength Results for OTW 12Ti

Ring section samples were cut from hardbanding samples of OTW 12Ti on typical tool joint material, AISI 4137 steel. In addition, worn OTW 12Ti was rewelded with OTW 12Ti and a ring section was also produced. A close inspection of all adhesion test rings showed no cracking or delamination in the hardbanding overlay. The same crack-free results were observed between OTW 12Ti and tool joint material as well as OTW 12Ti when applied onto itself. The more detailed metallographic examination showed solid fusion between the OTW 12Ti hardbanding overlay and the base material, as well as OTW 12Ti fused onto itself. No Separation cracks were found running parallel between the hardbanding and the base metal fusion line, or in the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).

Adhesion Test Conclusion for OTW 12Ti

After compression and close examination of the test pieces, it was noted that there was a solid bond between the OTW 12Ti overlay and base material, as well as OTW 12Ti on OTW 12Ti.

Hardness Conclusion for OTW 12Ti

OTW 12Ti has an average hardness of 61,5 HRC, which not only offers good open hole wear resistance, but a unique high hardness that encompasses a Crack-Free Design microstructure, which also means outstanding casing wear performance. The hardness is consistent through the microstructure with a smooth hardness transition into the tool joint material via the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).