DrilTec® STC Coating Products

DrilTec® STC-700 PTA Series

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Alloys

The 700 series utilizes the Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) to apply many different types of alloys, both for wear resistance with high levels of Tungsten Carbide (WC) in a tough matrix, and for corrosion resistant- and non-magnetic materials. We also have non-magnetic alloys with varying levels of WC. All have very low levels of base metal dilution compared with conventional arc welding processes.

Process description
The PTA process focuses a plasma beam through a heat resistant nozzle. The welding filler alloy, in the form of micro-atomized powder, is conveyed into the plasma arc column in an inert gas stream. A shielding gas protects the weld pool from the atmosphere. The resulting coating has very low dilution compared to conventional arc welding processes such as MMA, MIG/MAG or TIG. The coating structure can be optimized by varying the parameters of the system. It is ideal for automation and on a typical stabilizer coated with a WC alloy the final grinding-time is dramatically reduced. The process is also ideal for applying our range of non-magnetic alloys.

DrilTec® STC-600 Series

Flame-sprayed powder coating

Flame-sprayed powder coating system that allow you to deposit a wide range of Tungsten Carbide (WC) and Nickel Chrome boron powders to give superb wear resistance to a range of components. The coating systems allow you to deposit very thin overlays, from 0.5mm up to 5-6mm, either in single pass or multiple passes, with very low dilution and minimal changes in the carbides.

Process description
Eutalloy Super Jet S - Manual spray and fuse process, utilizing the well-known Eutalloy SuperJet S powder oxy-acetylene welding/spray gun. This is ideal for manually applying thin layers on complex shapes such as hole-openers and allows full control of deposits from 0.5mm up to 6mm. A wide range of Nickel-based alloys, as well as powders with a Nickel matrix and WC in varying percentages. Non-magnetic powders are also available for specific applications.

SF-Lance - The SF lance is a similar process to the Eutalloy but is designed for automated high-deposition rate coatings in large repair facilities, as well as OEM applications. A similar range of alloys are available as for the Eutalloy SuperJet S, above.

DrilTec® STC-400 Series

Coatings based on bonding sintered Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Our DrilTec STC 400 series are coatings based on bonding sintered Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI) onto a tool body, using powder welding technology. The most commonly used powders are Nickel-based. However, powders containing Tungsten Carbide (WC) can also be used for filling between the inserts. The process can be used to apply a wide range of insert sizes and shapes, one of the most commonly used sizes are 13 to 15mm with width of 5mm and thickness varying from 3 to 4mm.

Process description
 The surface to be protected is mechanically cleaned and then pre-heated; a thin layer of powder is then applied. Using a SuperJet Eutalloy torch, the inserts to be bonded to the surface are pre-heated and a thin layer of powder is applied to one side. A brick pattern is laid out on the component to be protected; the spacing is typically 3mm, but this can be adjusted, according to specifications. Using the SuperJet C Torch and our C6 tip, the inserts are bonded to the surface and the gaps are flood-filled with a Nickel-based powder such as OTP 126, OTP 331LT or OTP 220NM (for non-magnetic applications).

DrilTec® STC-300 Series

Gas-shielded Metal Arc Welding

The STC-300 series consists of gas-shielded Metal Arc Welding, using either Ni- or Fe-cored wires, with Tungsten Carbide (WC) particles in the core. Also in this series, we have cored wires suitable for either TIG or Oxy-Acetylene welding, again with WC particles in the core, along with fluxing agents.

Process description
 The coatings are applied onto a clean surface and pre-heat is based on the base material to be coated. This range can be applied using TIG or Oxy-Acetylene welding for the standard cored rods, or by MIG/MAG for the cored wire supplied on spools. The MIG/MAG version is ideal for automated or semi-automated welding in OEM applications.

DrilTec® STC-200 Series

Composite Flexible Rope or Rod

Our Composite Flexible Rope or Rod is made of either crushed or spherical carbides embedded in a NiCrBSi matrix which exhibits exceptional wear resistant properties on a wide range of tools.

Process description
 The coating is applied using a large Oxy-Acetylene torch, having first mechanically cleaned the surface and tinned it using our SuperJet Eutalloy S torch and powder from our DrilTec STC 400 series. Pre-heat is governed by the base metal of the component being coated. The rope is applied using a slightly carburizing flame to melt the rope and bond it to the base material. On very small components, TIG can be used, but this may reduce the wear-properties of the alloy.

DrilTec® STC-100 Series

Composite Alloy Rod

Our Composite Alloy Rod is made of crushed Tungsten Carbide (WC), embedded in a Nickel Bronze matrix with either sharp-edged cutting grade carbides for milling and cutting operations, or our wear grade, with slightly rounded edges, for applications such as stabilizers and wear pads.

Process description

The composite rods are normally applied using a large oxy-acetylene torch, in conjunction with a range of our brazing fluxes or with our gas flux system, where the flux is introduced to the gas before the flame, thus making it easier for the operator to place the cutting carbides in the correct position. To prevent leaching of the Nickel Bronze alloy, a thin tinning layer of our powder from the STC 400 series is applied using our SuperJet Eutalloy S. A typical example of powder would be STC-326LT but most of our 400 series powders can be used. Pre-heats are determined by the base metal.

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