DrilTec® STC-300 Series

Gas-shielded Metal Arc Welding

The STC-300 series consists of gas-shielded Metal Arc Welding, using either Ni- or Fe-cored wires, with Tungsten Carbide (WC) particles in the core. Also in this series, we have cored wires suitable for either TIG or Oxy-Acetylene welding, again with WC particles in the core, along with fluxing agents.

Process description
 The coatings are applied onto a clean surface and pre-heat is based on the base material to be coated. This range can be applied using TIG or Oxy-Acetylene welding for the standard cored rods, or by MIG/MAG for the cored wire supplied on spools. The MIG/MAG version is ideal for automated or semi-automated welding in OEM applications.