For unmatched hardbanding performance

The OTW-12 wearfacing technology is particularly cost effective for OEM hardbanding of new drill pipes, tool joints and collars, as well as reclaiming and restoring worn components back into service by drilling contractors and operators.
OTW-12 is a self or gas shielded flux-metal cored welding wire specifically developed for hardbanding drilling tool joint applications. Its peripheric arc characteristics ensure:

  • Lower heat input
  • Reduced dilution
  • Better bonding
  • Shallow heat affected zone
  • Minimal undercutting

Optimised all-round resistance to combined wear mechanisms by gouging abrasion, erosion, heavy impact and pressure is achieved by a unique weld microstructure dispersed with numerous, very fine, ultra hard cermet constituents within a relatively tough phase transformed matrix.
In addition to extending the service life of new and worn hardbanding parts, OTW-12 ensures:

  • Minimised maintenance costs
  • Reduced stocks of spare parts
  • Lower cost grade steel can be used
  • Increased operating efficiency with less downtime